Meeting Report

October 22, 2017

Sean O’Brien

Robert Ingersoll: A One-Man Play

Sean O’Brien started on the stage in rural Connecticut when he was fourteen. He has been acting, directing and teaching theatre for over thirty years from New York, Virginia, Montana and California.

Since retiring from teaching, Sean has been performing “The Portable Poe Show” in schools around the Sacramento region and has performed in regional theatres such as Big Idea Theatre, The Art Theatre of Davis, Runaway Stage, and The Sacramento Shakespeare Festival. “Bob” (the words of Col. Robert Green Ingersoll) is the newest addition to Sean’s growing production company, Every Corner Productions.

We had a real treat at this meeting. Sean’s talk consisted almost entirely of Ingersoll’s own words, much of which came from “Some Mistakes of Moses” and was given in the same oratorical style that Ingersoll himself would have used in public speeches during his lifetime.

The passages quoted in O’Brien’s presentation were highly critical of the ‘truth’ and ‘morality’ of the Old Testament and of religion in general, to put it mildly.

We had a short question and answer period after the presentation to elicit more information about Ingersoll, his life and his political and free thought activities.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

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