Meeting Report

September 18, 2017

Ranny Eckstrom

Big History

Ranny Eckstrom is a retired civil engineer. Regarding her topic, you might ask, “What is Big History?” Well, it is a grand integration of human history, human pre-history and natural history, going all the way back to the Big Bang.

Ranny showed us a timeline depicting the enormous time spans involved and the comparatively miniscule amount of time that humans have been around to record events as they happened. Finding out what happened prior to written human records involves the study of archeology, fossil remains, geology and astronomy, and making reasonable conjectures about what happened in the past based on the evidence that we possess. New evidence will cause us to refine our knowledge of what actually happened.

The idea of Big History has been popularized by the creation of video-based courses on the subject. Many of the costs of this project have been underwritten by Bill Gates.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

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