Meeting Report

April 23, 2017

Almost One Hundred Days

The meeting was an open discussion of the results and accomplishments of the first hundred days of the administration of President Donald Trump. Wayne Luney led and moderated the discussion.

The idea of the “First Hundred Days” is based on the breakneck series of attempted reforms that were implemented in the same period at the beginning of the Franklin Roosevelt administration. During his campaign, Donald Trump had made a promise of a similar frenzy of activity. However, there was much less accomplished than many expected and Trump himself has since admitted that the 100-day standard was ridiculous. Administrations are judged by history for all of their actions and the consequences of those actions, not just those that took place during the first hundred days.

Trump did obtain the approval of the Senate of his very conservative Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. He filled out top positions for his cabinet and staff and those that needed confirmation by the Senate were approved. The vote was very close on the more problematic cabinet nominees, especially the Attorney General, the Secretary of Education and the EPA director. He has been much slower than previous presidents in appointing the people needed for sub-cabinet positions.

He started out by issuing executive orders. He re-imposed the gag rule that bars American support of any health care organization overseas that even mentions abortion. This has been done by every Republican administration since Reagan. He has tried to bar citizens from several Muslim majority nations from entering the United States. This has been held up in the courts. He has been very active in repealing regulations he doesn’t like, especially those made for protecting the environment.

Trump has tried and so far failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. He may succeed later with a different bill. If one is passed, millions will lose their health insurance. The Secretary of the Treasury has proposed a tax reform plan that will mean lower taxes, especially on the rich. Income inequality will increase. The proposed wall along the Mexican border has so far not received any appropriations.

Several attendees provided feedback.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

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