Meeting Report

January 15, 2017

President-Elect? Wha ...?

About fifteen of us attended this event, emceed by President Bill Potts and led by Program Chairman and historian Wayne Luney. It mainly consisted of remorse for the outcome of the November election, with some wishful thinking mixed in. However, several of the audience did urge taking action in order to effect change.

Suggested actions include resistance to moves by the new Administration seen as deleterious to human rights; phoning/writing elected officials to register objections; and participating in public demonstrations.

The message I took from this interesting meeting was that wishful thinking—maybe he’ll be impeached or resign or stub his toe or whatever—is less than productive. Similarly, ruing November 8, 2016 is silly because no one can alter the past. But informed resistance to un-American actions that may be taken by a potentially authoritarian regime could work. And it would be infinitely better than crying over spilt milk.

Thank you, Bill and Wayne, and everyone who participated in the discussion. You have given us hope, reminding us never to forget the battle cry of the American oppressed: ˇSí se puede!

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie

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