Meeting Report

 October 23, 2016

Darien De Lu Rocks the Props!
Guide to the November Ballot Propositions

There are seventeen propositions on the November 8 ballot. Is that an intimidating number or what? Thankfully, Darien De Lu performed her famous magic for the fifteen of us attending this meeting.

Beginning with an apparently improvised song, “Propositions,” Ms. De Lu proceeded to explain the meaning of each of one of them, twice, in exquisite detail.

She first spoke about the five props she considers most important, then those she named “Evil Twins,” meaning those that address the same subject but are mutually antithetical. An example is the pair Prop 62, which would ban the death penalty, and Prop 66, whose stated intent is not only to continue the death penalty but to limit appeal time to five years. Ms. De Lu clarified that if both props passed the winner would be the one garnering the most votes.

She then went through all the props in the order that they appear in on the ballot. While not strongly advocating for or against any of them, she did indicate her recommendation on each measure.

You may email a request for her analysis at

Thank you. Darien De Lu for yet another entertaining and informative presentation! 

Report prepared by Roger Zablie

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