Meeting Report

 September 18, 2016

David Abelson
California Water: Who owns it?
Who gets it? How much is paid for it?
Just whose water is it anyway?

Mr. Abelson talked about the history of water law in our state.

Water rights—who may have priority access to water—is a big issue in the arid Southwest and especially California, with its large population making demands on its limited water supply. While this subject is of vital interest to all, its intricacies seem arcane and convoluted to us laypersons, which is why David’s presentation was so interesting. Supported by an excellent slide show, he took us step by step from how the Native Americans used their natural water resources, through the influence of Spain, right up to our present-day situation. The fifteen or so of us in attendance were fascinated. In essence, the basis of our problems with the distribution of water in our state is that so many people don’t want to share it. Hence the final question in Mr. Abelson’s speech title: Just Whose Water is it Anyway?

Much more information on the subject of California water law is available via the two links (below) that Mr. Abelson helpfully provided.

Maven’s Notebook

Water Education Foundation

Thank you so much, David Abelson, for your comprehensive and informative presentation. It stands out among the best we have had in a long time. 

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie 

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