Meeting Report

May 15, 2016

James Israel

The Humor Times turns 25: Looking Back on the Last
Quarter Century Through the Lens of Political Humor

The Humor Times, then named the Comic Press News, was launched on April Fools Day, 1991. Founder James Israel saw this as a fitting launch date because he felt the news media were failing the average citizen, fooling them into believing they were getting the whole story. Certain that the best way to discuss politics is with humor, Mr. Israel felt that a "news" format using mostly editorial cartoons and humor columns would provide an entertaining platform for reviewing current news stories, while adding a bit of pointed, yet amusingly wry commentary.

Thus began The Humor Times, and now, a quarter-century later, James gave us the opportunity to look back at this slice of history with him, using projected slides of cartoons and Humor Times covers through the years.


Report prepared by Bill Potts 

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