Meeting Report

 March 20, 2016

Blowing the Whistle
Another Great Experience with
Tom Neilson!

Tom’s last performance in Sacramento was at a special Friday evening event at the Arcade Public Library on Marconi Avenue. It was a resounding success. However, as it was not a regular program meeting, we didn't publish a report.

However, our announcement for this meeting rectified that omission, along with some of the things he has experienced in the meantime. You can see most of the text of that announcement below.

For this meeting, Tom did not disappoint us. He just gets better all the time. With the passage of two years and the further depredations of so many of our politicians (at all levels—federal, state, district, county. city and community), he had new grist for his activist mill. His humor was biting, his melodies were new, and his voice seemed even better than it did in 2014.

Many politicians generate their own humor (mostly unwittingly), so they managed to inspire some really excruciatingly funny satire. Tom has of course seized on that, to the delight of this year’s audience.

Did I forget to mention that his injuries (mostly healed) have not diminished his skills as a guitarist. Add to that his skills as a composer and lyricist and you'll understand why we’ve already booked him for May 19, 2017—same time, same place.

This report would not be complete without acknowledging the efforts of John Lucas. As in 2014, he and his excellent audio system provided us with flawless sound reproduction.

The meeting ended with two encores and thunderous applause.

Report prepared by Bill Potts

This Meeting’s Announcement

Almost exactly two years before the date of this event, Tom Neilson regaled us at the Arcade Public Library with an evening of his songs of satire and social commentary, many of them excruciatingly funny. His excellent singing was matched by his impressive talents on the guitar. The consensus of the members of his delighted audience was that they would be very happy to see and hear another performance, preferably as soon as possible.

Alas, the following month, Tom was injured in a car accident and was for a long time no longer able to play his guitar. His left hand was no longer fully functional and, initially, the prospects of a full recovery appeared dim. However, grit, determination, and frequent therapy showed that there was light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, he was still able to write new songs and sing to the accompaniment of fellow guitarists.

He recovered his ability to play the guitar in mid-2015. We hastened at that time to book him for a second-anniversary performance. This is it (and is not to be missed).

Recently, Tom was a Vox Pop (voice of the people) winner in the social action category at the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards with his “It’s a Crime.”

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