Meeting Report

 February 21, 2016

It’s Your Turn (maybe with a Twist)

This meeting was announced in the following way:

For a start, you might want to discuss the threat both to us as Humanists and to American institutions that is posed by the rhetoric of some of the Republican candidates for president. This is as good a time as any to discuss them and to determine what we can legally do to effectively counter the threat.

Now here’s the twist: Developing that theme and following through with a constructive (and possibly lively) discussion is up to you. Any moderation of the discussion will be as moderate as we can make it.

For the eight to ten of us who attended the meeting, the discussions turned out to be very interesting and quite engaging. Almost no moderation was required. Although the discussion eventually diverged somewhat from the originally suggested subject matter, there were no radical departures (metaphorically speaking) and everyone departed (literally speaking) in a good mood.

 Report prepared by Bill Potts 

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