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October 19, 2014

Darien De Lu

Guide to the November Ballot Propositions

About twenty people gathered at Reason Center to hear Darien De Lu explain the six Propositions on our California ballot for the upcoming election. As she did in 2012, Ms. De Lu provided valuable insights into the meaning and logic behind each measure. While not pressuring us on how to vote, she did give her opinion on whether a Proposition deserved to pass or to fail.

In an entertaining departure from the usual, Ms. De Lu, accompanied by her husband [Louis] Mendelowitz on guitar, opened her presentation by singing a song inspired by Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation. Having thus captured our attention and our hearts she launched into her serious remarks on the upcoming California General Election.

Here is a brief rundown of Ms. De Lu’s recommendations.

Prop. 1 is for voter approval of a $7.1 billion water bond. Although it would mandate improved water management, safer drinking water standards and such, it would also fund new dams along with their many problems. Finally, this measure would cost us $360 million annually for 40 years to service the debt. Ms. De Lu recommends a No.

Prop. 2 is a companion measure to Prop 1 that was put on the ballot by the Legislature. It would mandate a $3 billion Rainy Day Fund and also limit school districts’ budget reserves to 3% of their total budgets. Because this in effect would come at the expense of other important needs, Ms. De Lu recommends a No.

Prop. 45 would give the state power to regulate health insurance costs. This measure is strongly opposed by the insurance industry. Vote Yes.

Prop. 46, “Docs and Drugs,” would mandate that doctors be subjected to drug testing, that they be required to refer to a statewide registry before prescribing opiates, and would raise the statutory cap on medical malpractice awards, among other features, any of which could be legally enacted by the Legislature. Vote No.

Prop. 47 would reduce the state prison population by reclassifying many crimes from felony to misdemeanor status and also by providing additional money for mental health treatment and other endeavors to reduce recidivism. Vote Yes.

Prop. 48 would permit gaming compacts between the state and two Indian tribes to go into effect. Vote Yes.

Ms. De Lu’s presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session. Thank you very much Darien De Lu for a very informative afternoon.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie

 Click below to view Darien’s Ballot Proposition Guide as a PDF file:

Ballot Proposition Guide

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