Meeting Report

September 21, 2014

Pete Martineau

Friendship Force International

Pete recounted his experiences with Friendship Force International, especially his recent trip to Indonesia under the auspices of that organization. Friendship Force International helps arrange home visits with hosts in the United States and many foreign countries. Participants staying as guests pay their own airfare and expenses plus $60 per year in dues. Active participants can also be hosts and get to know overseas visitors without the hassle of traveling themselves.

In Indonesia, Pete spent six nights in Surakarta (also known as Solo), six in Surabaya (both on Java) and two on the island of Bali. The Bali stay was in a conventional hotel. The stays on Java were with families, who were practicing Muslims. Pete and his wife Mona got to know them well and they were taken around to see points of interest and Indonesian handicrafts. One can get a much better understanding of the country and culture this way than from just taking the standard commercial guided tour. Pete and Mona had a good time but he had a lot of complaints about the hot, humid climate and the general lack of air conditioning. A significant exception was the air conditioned bedroom provided by each of the host families.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

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