Meeting Report

April 27, 2014

Alison Weir

The US Connection to Israel/Palestine

This meeting was phenomenal. A little over twenty attendees were treated to a gripping presentation by Alison Weir on the subject of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
A professional journalist, Ms. Weir is founder and current executive director of “If Americans Knew,” an organization devoted to publicizing the Palestinian side of the history of the conflict. She says that she became so interested in the issue that she first traveled there in 2001, taking numerous photographs and actually living with many of the locals whom she interviewed. She reports no hostility toward her as an American—indeed, quite the opposite.

Among the most interesting things Ms. Weir related was the breathtaking asymmetry in the conflict’s death count: 1,109 Israelis dead since 2000 vs. 6,857 Gazans in the same period. What made these stats so interesting, of course, is the fact that our government and news media have not publicized them. Another interesting stat: the United States provides between four and eight million dollars per day in aid to Israel, more than to any other country in the world. (The exact number depends of the reporting source.)

Her recounting of how the state of Israel came to be also was fascinating. The history of Israel’s founding begins with the inception of Zionism in the late 19th century, long before most Americans were aware of the movement or its aims. Indeed, according to Ms Weir’s current well-referenced book, Against Our Better Judgment, many prominent Americans were secret leaders or functionaries in Zionism, whose main goal was the establishment of a Jewish state.

The fundamental takeaway question drawn from Ms. Weir’s presentation, of course, was: Is America’s staunch support of Israel in our own nation’s best interest? Many American statesmen have had their doubts. Furthermore, according to her sources, more than 70% of Americans polled on the question state that they believe our government should not take sides in the conflict.

There is far more information, complete with references and links to original material in her book, the complete title of which is: Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, available for purchase from both and

Thank you, Alison Weir, for one of the most memorable presentations in recent memory. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie, Secretary

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