Meeting Report

October 21, 2012

Darien De Lu

Guide to the November Ballot Propositions

While many of us are attentive to the partisan electoral campaigns, Darien De Lu, our presenter at our October 21 meeting, is focused like a laser beam on the ten statewide propositions that appear on our California ballot. Indeed, Ms. De Lu has been publishing helpful voter guides about ballot propositions for some twenty years.

On Sunday about thirty of us listened attentively while this former high school teacher and current state analyst explained the propositions one by one. Of course this space is too short for us to expound on each measure in detail, but here is a brief rundown.

Ms. De Lu spoke on Propositions 30 and 38 as a pair. While they both increase taxes in order to increase state and educational revenue, she recommends the following:

Prop. 30 (Gov. Brown’s measure) over Prop. 38, because it would help postsecondary education while among other differences 38 would not; vote Yes (and No on 38).

For the others, she recommends as indicated.

Prop. 31 is a measure to alter the budgeting process in California; Ms. De Lu recommends a No vote.

Prop. 32 is the infamous union-busting measure; vote No.

Prop. 33 would allow insurance companies to raise premiums on lapsed policies; vote No.

Prop. 34 seeks to end the death penalty in our state; vote Yes.

Prop. 35 addresses human trafficking as if it were entirely about the sex trade; vote No.

Prop. 36 amends the Three-Strikes law; vote Yes.

Prop. 37 would require GMO-containing foods to be so labeled on their containers; vote Yes.

Prop. 39 seeks to allow our state to tax multistate companies; vote Yes.

Prop. 40 addresses redistricting; vote Yes.

Of course, all these measures are addressed in great detail in the voter’s guides that the state helpfully mails to us, and one hopes that we’ll take advantage of this resource.

Meanwhile, thank you very much, Darien De Lu, for a very informative presentation. We all learned a great deal from it.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie

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