Meeting Report

May 20, 2012

Tom Ikelman

The Reason Rally and Humanist Activism
A Discussion

Tom, our treasurer and membership chair, related how he and Wendy Hoffspiegel attended the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. in March. Attendees at the Rally totaled approximately twenty thousand.

While in D.C., Tom, Wendy and others visited the offices of two of our members of the House of Representatives—Dan Lungren and Doris Matsui. Although they met not with the representatives but their staffers, they found their differing reactions to Humanism interesting.

They also attended a training session on lobbying techniques.

Tom handed out “Eight Tips for Lobbying” (created by the Secular Coalition for America). The thrust of the remainder of our meeting was toward more activism on the part of our group. Several good ideas in support of this goal were discussed at some length.

Ultimately a Social Action Committee was created, with Tom agreeing to chair it. One of its missions will be to raise our profile in the community.

Tom Ikelman was also the prime mover in setting up the occasion for Sean Faircloth’s very stirring speech in Sacramento two days earlier. It was attended by approximately one hundred members of our secular community. Thank you, Tom, for your excellent leadership in all things Humanist. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by all of us.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie

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