Meeting Report

January 15, 2012

Kevin Carter

“Occupy: Discovery and Recovery”

Forty-one people enjoyed listening to Kevin “Brother” Carter, chairman of the publicity committee of Occupy Sacramento and an activist for the last twenty years. His somewhat lengthy opening was about his finding, in 1983, a 1909 $20 “Double Eagle” gold coin, designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens. He then attempted to connect the date on the coin to several significant dates in American history.

Eventually he turned to his very interesting main topic—the Occupy Sacramento movement. He wants continuing demonstrations in César Chávez Park to keep the issues of extreme income inequality and homelessness in the public consciousness. He pointed out that class divisions have been generally ignored by politicians in America during the past thirty years. He wants to avoid Oakland-style confrontations or destructiveness, but he does want to be persistent. In the winter, organized large demonstrations have subsided but he hopes that the movement here in Sacramento will generate more public support in the spring.

A fairly lively question time followed his presentation. Unlike those of politicians, his answers were not evasive.

Carter brought several visitors, one of whom was Clifton West, the brother of Dr. Cornel West, the well-known author (Race Matters and many others) and champion of racial justice.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

Photo source: Robert Maryland

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