2011 Meetings

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Jan 16   Tom Swift, Tommy Douglas: The Greatest Canadian
Feb 20   Pete Martineau, Proportional Representation and
Instant Runoff Voting: An Update
Mar 30   Glenn Branch, The History and Prospects of Creationism
Apr 17   Dr. Ayad Al-Qazzaz, The Causes and Implications
of the Recent Events in Egypt
May 15   Roy Sablosky, The Myth of Christian Charity
Jun 19   Heather Minton and Tyson Redhouse, “And Justice for All?” An LGBTQ Perspective
Sep 18   Raquel Simental, Attacks on Choice and Planned Parenthood
Oct 16   Don Knutson, The Wonder of Fair-Trade Chocolate
Nov 20   Cleo Kocol, China 1986 and The Good Foreigner


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