Meeting Report

February 20, 2011

Pete Martineau
Proportional Representation and
Instant Runoff Voting: An Update

About twenty of us gathered in the Fahs Room on February 20 to hear Pete Martineau report on how the movement toward proportional representation and instant runoff voting is progressing in the United States. He began by joking that the movement is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Nevertheless, several local jurisdictions in California have adopted multimember districts and proportional voting. These include the City and County of San Francisco, the cities of Berkley, Oakland, and San Leandro, and the county of Alameda. Most European nations have been using this system for years. Among the big advantages are the moderating of politics and a greatly reduced influence of money.

Pete distributed a map suggesting how five congressional districts in the Sacramento region could be joined so the electorate could vote into office five representatives, essentially at large, with the five top vote getters taking office.

Before the presentation, members present (who were in sufficient numbers to constitute a quorum) voted unanimously to approve the seating of our new Board members.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie, Secretary

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