2010 Meetings

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Jan 8   Ted Cox, What I Learned at Straight Camp
Jan 24   Esther Franklin and Pete Holmquist, Cruising with Katrina and Co.
Feb 21   Morrie Turner, Black History Month Special
Mar 5   Book Reviews
Mar 21   An Hour of Music and Conversation with Buffy Sainte-Marie
Apr 18   Paul Larudee, Flight from a Ship with a Load of Medicine and Food
May 7   Carlin Naify, What’s New at the Crocker Art Museum
May 23   Tad Daley, Apocalypse Never: The Global Governance Architecture of a Nuclear Weapon-Free World
Sep 3   Michael Moore, July 5, 2010 Democracy Now Interview: His Life, His Films and His Activism
Sep 19   Richard Carrier, PhD, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails
Oct 1   Book Reviews
Oct 17   Cleo Kocol, Cleopatra: Immortal Queen
Nov 5   Dr. Tom Kando, The Global Shift to the Right: A European’s Perspective
Nov 21   Sally Berlant and Ellen Schwartz, Jane Addams
Dec 3   Raj Munir, Islam, God and the New Enlightenment