Meeting Report

September 20, 2009

Patricia Daugherty

Palestine: Witness to Occupation

Attending Patricia Daugherty’s presentation on the subject of her stay in Palestine was an emotional experience. Although, for the most part, Ms. Daugherty spoke with a cool demeanor, her slide show was, at times, like a combination of being slapped in the face and kicked in the abdomen. It is, after all, one thing to read about the Wall of Separation that Israel has constructed in the West Bank, and quite another to view a picture of Ms. Daugherty standing in front of it, and seeing—Yikes!—the wall is several times her height. Furthermore, it snakes all over the countryside, separating not only Palestinians from Israelis, but also Palestinians from their livelihoods.

Revealing the fundamental inhumanity of what is happening in Palestine, with the apparent acquiescence of our own government, is Ms. Daugherty’s mission. Her stated goal on Sunday was to inform us and goad us into raising objections with our representatives and senators—and the President.

I really believe that presentations such as this have the potential to turn things around. At least I hope so.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie, Secretary

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