May 1, 2009Meeting Report

April 19, 2009

Discussion: The First Hundred Days

Twelve people showed up to discuss the first hundred days of the Obama Administration. The discussion was both freewheeling and lively.

Most saw him as primarily (and properly) focusing on the rebuilding of the economy, although he is also seen as making a sincere effort to rebuild good American relations with the rest of the world. The contrast with his predecessor is like night and day.

Some saw a reluctance to take serious political risks, especially on possible war crimes trials of Bush administration officials. He does have to deal with a Congress which contains enough conservative Democrats who, in cooperation with the remaining Republicans, can block measures that are seen by the public as too radical.

Obama is playing it safe. We were realistic enough to accept that he cannot solve all of our problems at once. The consensus was that we should adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney, Program Chair

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