Meeting Report

March 22, 2009

Arthur Jackson

How to Live the Good Life

The meeting began shortly after 3 pm, with twenty-six people in attendance. There was a brief business session, during which several guests were welcomed. A vote was taken on the question of which video we should view at a future meeting—“Darwin Day 2009,” or “A Brief History of Disbelief.” The latter won overwhelmingly and is now scheduled for the April 3 meeting.

Featured speaker Arthur Jackson then presented his paper, “Searching for Congruency,” the central premise of which seemed to be that there is a kind of unifying underlying principle in the universe that includes humanity and its search for meaning. Mr. Jackson described his decades-long pursuit of this “theory of everything” and where the pursuit has led him up to this time.

As one would expect, the subject provoked spirited discussion during the ensuing question and answer session.

The meeting ended at 4:40 pm, with some members still debating various points over coffee and snacks.

The photograph of Art is from the Sacramento Freethought Day of October 10, 2004.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie, Recorder

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