February 22, 2009Meeting Report

March 6, 2009

Darwin Day Video

Because of technical problems related to the playing of DVD+R recordable DVDs, even on a DVD player nominally capable of playing them (“Ability to play them may depend on recording conditions”), we were only able to play about ten minutes of  the performance of Science Comedian Brian Malow, plus only about twenty minutes of the almost hour-long presentation of the keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Shermer.

As the turnout was relatively modest (a little over a dozen people), this will probably not be rescheduled. However, using Roger Zabkie's DVD player (which is known to be able to play those specific discs), it may be something that can be made available at one of the Summer potlucks, subject to the host(s) having suitable accommodation for that.

In the meantime, Access Sacramento (Comcast channel 17, within Sacramento County) will be showing both the Brian Malow and the Michael Shermer segments on Wednesday, March 11, starting at 9:30 pm, and again on  Sunday, March 15, starting at 5:00 pm.

Live streaming of both programs is available on the Internet at http://accesssacramento.org. When their home page appears, just click on the “Watch Channel 17” button.

Several other people made video recordings of the event. Some of them can be found on YouTube by searching for Sacramento Darwin Day

Report prepared by Bill Potts

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