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November 23, 2008

Bob Schmidt

Molly Ivins

Bob Schmidt, a retired newspaper reporter for the Long Beach Press Telegram and the San Jose Mercury News, gave a tribute to a great reporter and syndicated columnist, Molly Ivins, who died nearly two years ago of cancer. Molly was that rare breed who combined professional reporting, belief in causes (hers were liberal), and a great sense of humor. Born in California, she was raised in Texas and spent most of her professional life there. She worked for a time for The New York Times, but it did not work out well and she returned to Texas. However, Texas had more than its share of the type of politicians Molly loved to skewer. Of one she said, “If he were any dumber, he would need to be watered.” She always exhorted people to notice what was happening and to do something about it.

Although Bob worked for out of town papers, he has lived in Sacramento for forty years, reporting for them on the goings on in the capital. In retirement, he is the editor of The Renaissance Recorder, the monthly publication of the Renaissance Society.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney, Program Chair

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