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March 23, 2008

Flying Spaghetti Monster Party

Flying Spaghetti Monster: Click here to learn more

On what Christians refer to as Easter, HAGSA and other members of the community gathered at the Southside Park Cohousing Community Common House for what was billed as the Flying Spaghetti Monster Party. The event attracted a lot of young faces for a complete spaghetti dinner, costume contest, music, a door prize raffle, and lots of conversation.

As event organizer Brian Jones explained, it was coincidental that the event, as planned, satisfied several aspects of a holiday listed in, “The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.” The holiday described in the book by Bobby Henderson is called Pastover and is observed on Easter/Passover weekend and involves people in pirate costumes cooking pasta—usually spaghetti. Those who don’t understand all this fuss about a Flying Spaghetti Monster should click on the picture above to visit and read about the satire aimed directly at Intelligent Design.

It is all but certain that the event will come to be known as the “First Annual.” Brian would like to thank all those—many with little advance notice—who pitched in to make it a success. Thanks also to Don Knutson, a resident at the Southside Park Cohousing Community responsible for our permission to use the Common House.

This very successful joint HAGSA/AOF event drew around sixty people, including about a dozen children.

Report prepared by Brian Jones, Recorder

Some of the sixty or so participants    2008, Bill Potts

The pirate costume contest contenders    2008, Anna Andrews

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