2007 Meetings

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Jan 5   Joy Fisher, The Military Commissions Act of 2006
Jan 21   Dr. Donald Hayden, Robert Ingersoll
Feb 2   Discussion, Juvenile Justice
Feb 18   Marilyn Demas, Early African American History in Sacramento
Mar 2   Brian Jones, The Case for Libertarian Humanism
Mar 18   William Dorman, American Foreign Policy
Apr 6   Bill Potts, A Humanist Journey
Apr 22   Frank Scott, The Greatest Threat
May 4   Anna Andrews, General Discussion
May 20   Mary Wind, What it Will Take for Peace to Triumph
Jun 1   Panel Discussion: Canada
Sep 7   Marc Adams, The Preacher's Son
Sep 23   Report on the 2007 AHA Conference
Oct 21   Pete Martineau and Chuck O'Neil, Proportional Representation and Scotland's Use of Ranked Voting
Nov 2   Wayne Luney, Herbert Spencer
Nov 18   Hank Kocol, The Manhattan Project
Dec 7   Brigitte Jaensch, Muslims in America after 9/11

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