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May 4, 2007

Anna Andrews

General Discussion

Anna Mae AndrewsAt a typical HAGSA meeting, we have a guest speaker who gives a presentation on a given subject. At our May 4 meeting, we had ten speakers, who were also the ten audience members. The format of the meeting, led by our own Anna Andrews, consisted of a round robin discussion.

A single word describing a topic was picked by each attendee. One by one, Anna picked someone to elaborate on his or her topic, after which the other members added their musings. The topics ranged from Alberto Gonzales to education. The exchanges became perhaps most interesting when we began discussing what the humanist community could do in order to do what our Manifesto prescribes—benefiting the human condition around us. The subject was brought up in the context of concern at the lack of such activity, but may have planted seeds that will bear fruit in the near future. Stay tuned for further development on this front. 

Report prepared by Brian Jones

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