2006 Meetings

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Jan 6   Karl Mogel, Antibodies for Irrationality: Making Sense ot the Senseless
Jan 22   Concentric Circles
Feb 3   Dan Barker
Feb 12   Darwin Day: Nicholas Matzke, The Evolutionary Origins of Intelligent Design
Feb 19   Laurens Gunnarsen, What is Creativity, Anyway?
Mar 3   Ken Helms, Differences in Cognitive Styles
Mar 19   Chris Lindstrom, Camp Quest West
Apr 7   Panel Discussion: The Roots of Violence
Apr 23   Jim French and Jeremy Klein, General Semantics
May 5   Joseph Atwill, The Roman Invention of Christianity
May 21   Prof. Emanuel Gale, The Collapsing Health Care System: A Crisis in Values
Jun 2   Don Havis, Thomas Paine: Freethinker Extraordinaire
Sep 1   Beverly Church and Mynga Futrell, Report on 2006 AHA Conference
Sep 17   Dr. Leigh Johnsen, Early American Origins of Church/State Separation
Oct 8   Freethought Day
Oct 22   Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert, From Iceland to Italy: Sampling Secularist Sentiments
Nov 3   Panel Discussion: The System is Broken
Nov 19   General Discussion: American Foreign Policy in the Middle East
Dec 1   Dr. Ada Roscoe, The Shadow of Fidel Castro in Latin America Today
Dec 23   HumanLight Event

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