October 8, 2006November 3, 2006Meeting Report

October 22, 2006

Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert

From Iceland to Italy:
Sampling Secularist Sentiments

The meeting began with a reading by Elizabeth Bernstein of her very moving award-winning poem "A Touch of Victory." 

After that, Paul  and Mynga gave their scheduled talk. This was the report of their six-week trip to Europe this last summer. They first flew to Iceland for the Atheists International Conference in Reykjavik. After that conference they went on to London, Ghent, Paris, northern Italy and Glasgow before returning home.

They were trying to duplicate as much as possible the trip taken by Mary Shelley as described in her 1822 journal. Paul and Mynga gave a prepared presentation of their travels, Paul giving his report of the Conference and about the freethinking people they met in most places they visited, and Mynga explaining their itinerary and narrating the photos of their travels.

Later in the presentation, Paul commented on the lack of visibility of freethinkers in Sacramento, in spite of the many activities of HAGSA and AOF. Most people do not know of our existence. He contrasted this with the explosion of activity and worldwide attention that occurred when he started the Brights movement in 2003, an Internet-based informal registry of freethinking people who espouse a naturalistic worldview. You can see their website at the-brights.org.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney

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