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September 1, 2006

Beverly Church and Mynga Futrell

Report on 2006 AHA Conference

This, the first meeting of the 2006-2007 HAGSA season, was attended by about 20 people.

Beverly Church and Mynga Futrell were the only two HAGSA members who attended this year's American Humanist Association Conference and who, wonder of wonders, were also candidates for the Board of Directors of the AHA. The conference was held in Tampa, Florida from May 10 to May 14.

The start of the meeting was delayed for technical reasons. After the sound system was set up, Mynga gave a talk on her experiences with the Feminist Caucus. She thought that the first and the last speeches at the conference were he best. She was especially impressed by Pervez Hoodbhoy, the keynote speaker.

Beverly played a CD of the presentation and acceptance of the Humanist Pioneer Award, which was given this year to Julia Sweeney, actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member. Margaret Downey gave a short talk in presenting the award and Julia Sweeney gave the acceptance speech in which she said her first love was acting, although she studied Economics at the University of Washington. She has presented three one-person monologues on humanist themes. They are God Said 'Ha,' Letting Go of God and In the Family Way.  

Report prepared by Wayne Luney, Recorder

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