2005 Meetings

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Jan 7   Mark Dempsey, The Sacramento Regional Planning Process
Jan 23   Roberta Chevrette, Songs and Poetry
Feb 12   Darwin Day: Dr. Leah Krubitzer, How Evolution Built a Brain
Feb 20   Dr. Laurens Gunnarsen, Mathematical Genius
Mar 4   Dr. Alice Jacobs, Use it or lose it: Brain Exercise for Wellness
Mar 20   Esther Franklin and Patricia Pratt, Libya
Apr 1   Phil and Karla LaZier, Peak Oil
Apr 17   Margaret Wilcox, Equality in Marriage
May 22   Anatole Lubovich, A Program of his Poetry and his Music
Jun 3   Report on the 2005 AHA Conference
Jun 10   Movie Night: Heart of the Beholder
Jun 26   Summer Solstice Potluck (with photographs)
Sep 2   Mel Lipman, The Future of Humanism
Sep 18   Carolyn Rich Curtis, Good and Bad Marriages (Part 2)
Oct 9   Freethought Day
Oct 23   Book Reviews
Nov 4   Mike Newdow, Equality (not Toleration)
Nov 20   Discussion: What's Eating You?
Dec 2   Phil LaZier, Astronomy
Dec 18   Winter Solstice Potluck

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