December 2, 2005Meeting Report

December 18, 2005

Winter Solstice Potluck

This was the third joint HAGSA/AOF Winter Solstice Potluck event. In spite of there being no entertainment or music planned, the turnout was excellent (something over thirty people). The potluck dishes were as delicious as they were numerous.

Bill Potts, President

Here are the photographs of some of the HAGSA and AOF members and friends who attended. Those with BP in parentheses were taken by Bill Potts; those with KS were taken by Kevin Schultz.

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Billie Menz
Billie Menz (KS)

Mel Linn
Mel Linn (KS)

Brian Jones
Brian Jones (KS)

Hank Kocol
Hank Kocol (KS)

Carla Corbett
Carla Corbett (KS)

Carl Seratt
Carl Seratt (KS)

Diana Ruth
Diana Ruth (KS)

Richard Kowaleski
Kowaleski (KS)

Joy Fisher
Joy Fisher (KS)

Bill Potts
Bill Potts (KS)

Mike House (KS)

Margo Gunnarsen
Gunnarsen (KS)

Virginia Hansen
Hansen (KS)

Walter Gunnarsen
Gunnarsen (KS)

Cleo Kocol
Cleo Kocol (KS)

Nahigian (KS)

David Long Henderson
Henderson (KS)

John Thompson and Tom Fields
John Thompson and Tom Fields (KS)

Fred Hansen and Margo Gunnarsen
Fred Hansen and Margo Gunnarsen (BP)

Sheldon and Jean Ebenholtz (KS)

Group (BP)

Group (BP)

Group (BP)

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