2004 Meetings

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Jan 9   Wayne Luney, Irene Hickman: Sacramento County's Colorful and Controversial Assessor
Jan 18   Book Reviews
Feb 7   Darwin Day: Taner Edis
Feb 22   State of the Assisted Suicide Movement
Mar 5   Samantha Hens, Evolution and the Nature of Science: Challenges in Teaching
Mar 21   Carolyn Rich Curtis and Craig Johnson, Good and Bad Marriages
Apr 2   Panel Discussion: A Humanist Way of Judging Our Economy
Apr 18   Hank and Cleo Kocol, The Lewis and Clark Expedition
May 23   Esther Franklin and Pete Holmquist, The Poet and the Journalist: Who has had the lasting influence?
Jun 4   Herb Silverman, The Candidate Without a Prayer
Jun 20   Summer Solstice Potluck
Sep 3   Open Forum on Being a Humanist
Sep 19   Report, by attendees, on the 2004 AHA Conference
Oct 1   Dr. Stephen Kraus, The Real Science of Success
Oct 10   Freethought Day Celebration
Oct 17   Dr. Peter Lindert, Bush versus Kerry on Economic Issues
Nov 5   Dr. Ayad Al-Qazzaz, Perspectives on Iraq
Nov 21   Book Reviews
Dec 3   Dr. Belinda Martineau, Genetically Modified Organisms
Dec 19   Winter Solstice Potluck

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