September 1, 2004Meeting Report

October 10, 2004

Freethought Day

In spite of very strong winds, Freethought Day, held on Sunday October 10 at Waterfront Park in Old Sacramento, was a success. That success was as a result of the dedication and hard work of the following HAGSA and AOF members: Beverly Church (Planning Committee and Event Chair), Mynga Futrell (Program Committee Chair), Jerry Sloan (Event Day Chair and Mayoral Proclamation Liaison), Kay Dickey (Finance Chair), Ken Nahigian and Ron Fegley (Publicity Co-chairs), Kevin Schultz (Outreach Chair), and Jerry Bachman, Tina Burgess, Nancy Gilbert and Don Knutson (committee members at large).

Karen Scott, President of the Interfaith Religious Liberty Foundation, sponsored a table and gave a five minute presentation on the work of her organization.

Those on the stage were, of course, the ones to have encomiums laid at their feet. For the record and to acknowledge their essential and excellent contribution, they were: Cleo Kocol (Sister Sunshine), Anatole Lubovich (poetry), Richard Kowaleski of Sacramento Skeptics (magician), Art Jackson and Meg Bowman of the Humanist Community (Emma Goldman interview sketch), Jerry Bachman (quotations), Paul Geisert (Ernestine Rose sketch: "The Female Devil"), and Ken Nahigian and Bill Potts (sex after death skit). Music was provided by Mike Newdow (who, in addition to being a strong church/state separation activist, is a singer and songwriter), James Israel and Roberta Chevrette. Finally, Darrell Lambert, the Eagle Scout who managed to stand up to the Boy Scouts of America prejudice against atheists, addressed the crowd.

Thanks also to those who stepped up to the plate as event sponsors, including those who paid $20 each to attend a reception for Darrell Lambert at the house of Beverly Church. Their generosity ensures that AOF and HAGSA will recover most or all of the money they advanced for the event.

—Bill Potts

Here are some of the people who were there. 


Photos by Bill Potts ( 2004)

Cleo Kocol ("Sister Sunshine")
Cleo Kocol


Jerry Sloan
Jerry Sloan


Art Jackson (President, Humanist Community [SF Bay Area])
Art Jackson

Diana Ruth
Diana Ruth


Kevin Schultz
Kevin Schultz


Phil LaZier
Phil LaZier

Anatole Lubovich
Anatole Lubovich


Carl Seratt
Carl Seratt

Attentive Audience
Attentive Audience
Art Jackson is at the back, with Meg Bowman at the other end of the same row. At the front are Elaine Potts (left) and Mynga Futrell (right)

Photos by Don Seaman


Roberta Chevrette (photo by Don Seaman)
Roberta Chevrette


Karen Scott, President Interfaith Religious Liberty Foundation (photo by Don Seaman)
Karen Scott


Kay Dickey (photo by Don Seaman)
Kay Dickey

Bill Potts (photo by Don Seaman)
Bill Potts


Michael Newdow (photo by Don Seaman)
Michael Newdow


Beverly Church (photo by Don Seaman)
Beverly Church

Jerry Bachman (photo by Don Seaman)
Jerry Bachman


Darrell Lambert (photo by Don Seaman)
Darrell Lambert


Paul Geisert (photo by Don Seaman)
Paul Geisert

Meg Bowman and Art Jackson (photo by Don Seaman)
Meg Bowman (as Emma Goldman) and Art Jackson (interviewing)

Photos by Anna Andrews ( 2004)


Bill Potts, fighting the lighting and the wind (photo by Anna Andrews)
Bill Potts


Kevin Schultz (photo by Anna Andrews)
Kevin Schultz


Ken Nahigian (photo by Anna Andrews)
Ken Nahigian

Beverly Church and Mynga Futrell

Phil LaZier and Paul Geisert (photo by Anna Andrews)
Phil LaZier and Paul Geisert

Attentive Audience (mostly) (photo by Anna Andrews)
Attentive Audience (mostly)

An extraordinary group of organizers (photo by Anna Andrews)
An extraordinary group of organizers:
Kevin Schultz, Kay Dickey, Mynga Futrell, Jerry Sloan,
Beverly Church and Ken Nahigian

Mike Newdow, Roberta Chevrette, Darrell Lambert and Ken Nahigian (photo by Anna Andrews)
Mike Newdow, Roberta Chevrette, Darrell Lambert and Ken Nahigian

Photo editing (for all three sources) by Bill Potts

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