2003 Meetings

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Jan 3   Wayne Luney, Book Review: How the Scots Invented the Modern World
Jan 19   Eddie Tabash, Breaking the Final Taboo: Electing Atheists to Public Office
Feb 15   Darwin Day. Martina Newell -McGloughlin
Feb 23   Esther Franklin, Thomas Jefferson: Slaves and Culture
Mar 7   Anna Andrews (Moderator), Bring a Question
Mar 23   Katherine Thompson, Advocacy and the U.N.
Apr 4   Dr. Ayad Al-Qazzaz, Perspectives on Iraq
Apr 27  

Ed Doerr, Will Church-State Separation Survive the Reign of George The Second?

May 2  

Charlie Watters, Transformation in Russia in the Past Ten Years

May 18   Dr. Bahman (Buzz) Fozouni, The Motivational Factors Driving U.S. Foreign Policy
Jun 6   Taner Edis, The Ghost in the Universe
Jun 22   Summer Solstice Potluck (with photographs)
Sep 5   Mynga Futrell & Paul Geisert, Are We Brights?
Sep 21   Panel Discussion on California Recall Election
Oct 3   Walter Pontynen & Karen Scott, Roger Williams: Freedom's Forgotten Hero
Oct 19   Barry Pateman, The Emma Goldman Papers
Nov 7   Dr. Selmer Wathney, Forensic Psychology in the California Youth Authority
Nov 23   Rosemary Fuller and Joy Fisher, The United States Supreme Court
Dec 5   Frank Russell, MFT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Dec 21   Winter Solstice Potluck

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