December 6, 2002January 3, 2003Meeting Report

December 22, 2002

Winter Solstice Celebration and Potluck

This meeting was a resounding success. The Fahs Room was filled to capacity by an enthusiastic crowd of HAGSA members and friends.

Three members--Elizabeth Bernstein, Cleo Kocol and Bill Potts--read their own thought-provoking poems. Three other members--Mynga Futrell, Ted Gangursky and Margo Gunnarsen--entertained us with their pianistic skills and, for a change of pace, Pete Holmquist played several harmonicas (although not at the same time).

The food, supplied by the members, was excellent.

Because of competing schedules for the HAGSA and AOF meetings, many who are members of both arrived after the festivities were well under way. Next year we’ll try to coordinate better—possibly holding a joint celebration.

Anna Andrews’ Program Committee and Margo Gunnarsen’s Hospitality Committee deserve a great deal of credit for the meeting’s success.

Report prepared by Bill Potts

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