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October 20, 2002

Dramatic Reading

The Face of Violence, by Jacob Bronowski

The meeting consisted of a reading of the last twenty minutes of Jacob Bronowski's play.  This is the same Jacob Bronowski who produced the series "Civilisation," shown on PBS some years back.

The play was written to examine and contrast attitudes towards violence, revenge and forgiveness. There were several characters and four speakers, so some of the speakers had to double up. The main characters were Mark, played by Bill Potts, who was motivated by a desire for revenge to kill Crump, played by Roger Barr, who had been a brutal guard in a prison camp where Mark had been interned. Karen Norberg played Clarissa, Crump’s wife. Clarissa had married Crump even though he had killed her son in the same prison camp. This struck me as an extreme act of forgiveness, or perhaps amnesia that I simply cannot understand anyone actually doing in real life. The narrator's role was played by Judy Radu, who was also the Director. The performance was suggested by Ted Webb.

The reading was followed by a general discussion of the themes brought out in the performance.

Report prepared by Wayne Luney, Recorder

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