Humanist Celebrant

Humanist Celebrants are empowered to perform marriages and conduct other rites of passage in most states, including California. Many of them are also counselors.

One such Celebrant and Counselor is HAGSA member Phil LaZier. Phil is certified by the Humanist Society,1 formerly known as the Humanist Society of Friends. He has been a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist since 1976 and his main interest is to provide Humanist counseling services for a nominal charge to cover his expenses. However, he says, “An occasional marriage ceremony would be fine.”

Phil’s own description of himself, including his address, email address and phone number, can be found on the Humanist Society web site. Click here to see it.

If Phil is unavailable, there are several other Celebrants/Counselors within reasonable distance of the Sacramento area. Click here for a list.

1 In 2003, the Humanist Society became a specialist member of the IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union). The August 2003 issue of International Humanist News, the newsletter of the IHEU, says the following about the Humanist Society:

Formerly known as the Humanist Society of Friends, the group was founded in 1939 when a group of Quakers, influenced by the first Humanist Manifesto, decided to part ways with the Quaker movement and set itself up in California as a religious, educational and charitable non-profit organization. Based today in Washington, DC, the Humanist Society offers Humanist counseling and also certifies Humanist celebrants.

A more complete history may be found on the History page of the Humanist Society web site.