Treatments 155 Years Old Might Be Feasible in 20-30 Years — But Expert Warns It’s Complicated

Chemotherapy is not the solution, according to Dr. David S. Corrections, an assistant professor of radiology at Georgia Southern University Health Sciences Center (GSUCCC) in DeKalb who suggests addressing the issue and bringing in alternative treatments — like acupuncture or acupuncture-assisted therapy — in other ways, like acupuncture-controlled symptom reductions instead of medication reduction.
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Published recently in Clinical Cancer Research, Errors of treatment are linked to total deaths among Cancers of the Lung, Head and Neck, Colon, Ovaries and Testes, Digestive System, and Leukemia and Cancer, Diseases that cause Infertility. It’s nearly one in 10 cancer deaths, Dr. Corrections said.

“The current consensus among Cancers is that CART (clinically directed treatment options in combination with proton therapy) is the gold standard,” said Dr. Corrections, who is affiliated with the Schooley Cancer Research Program at GSUCCC.

The protocol released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages physicians to repeat daily oral regimens (chemo-endocrine therapy) for five years.

“It’s an all or nothing type of medicine, and it can get complicated,” said Dr. Corrections, that particularly should be for patients with more advanced cancer or patients who are unable to tolerate chemo-labs.

Dr. Corrections said his fellow doctors and patients should raise this very important issue without fear.

“Or, you can teach your patients to teach themselves,” said Dr. Corrections of his experience teaching home practice patients to teach themselves acupuncture.

He said it should be a teachable skill.

Meanwhile, Surgical treatments — specifically combinations of surgery and chemotherapy — reduce the risk of recurrence by 44 percent, he said. However, these patients are limited in how closely they can tolerate medications. “T&C (surgery & cancer agency) regulations require satisfactory tolerability and pain control for treatment.”

He said patient advocates or primary care providers should be consulted and these individuals should reach out to encourage answers.

Dr. Corrections believes most of the patients who died in his review were patients who had been on chemo or radiation therapy prior to development of their cancer. Death certificate information is in a searchable database, he said.

As more patients are being treated with chemotherapy for non-cancerous conditions, Dr. Corrections said the need for therapy alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation treatment exists. He said he hopes that those who died from treatment-related cirrhosis and lung cancer would have been alive without chemo or radiation.