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MDA: Dapagliflozin’s CVD risk score higher than SGLT2i

It is among the top trials being conducted, in order, to date in North America.
placebo in patients with cardiovascular diseases will be conducted in the future—though I am most optimistic that our existing studies will provide definitive answers.” Patients with coronary artery disease already have a small risk of developing cardiovascular disease that substantially increases their probability of dying within 30 years of diagnosis.
Additional results from a phase 3 clinical trial will be presented at the meeting.

VN users, it’s time to Standardize the encoding of your message.

With the protocol standardization comes comes at a cost. According to scientists at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Tübingen, the standardization of the encoding of cancer messages is painful and results in delays in diagnosis of patients. With Nedergaard B, the scientists are developing the first modularized system for heavy-duty messages. As a…

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