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HAGSA program meetings are on the third Sunday of each month (except June, July, August and December) at 15:00 (3:00pm) at Reason Center, 1824 Tribute Road, Suite A, Sacramento 95815. Parking is free.

HAGSA may also sponsor occasional meetings at other locations. As a courtesy to AOF and other organizations (and sometimes individual people), we also provide links to non-HAGSA events (typically those being held at Reason Center).


Sunday, October 21, at 15:00 to 17:00 (3 to 5 pm)

Reason Center, 1824 Tribute Road, Suite A,
Sacramento 95815. Parking is free.
(See map above.)

Once More, Darien De Lu Rocks the Props!
Guide to the November 2018 Ballot Propositions

 Be sure to invite your friends.

Have you read the biennial California General Election Official Voter Information Guide? Were you able to get through all of the for and against arguments for the eleven surviving propositions without falling asleep? (The propositions are numbered from 1 to 12. However, Proposition 9 was withdrawn.)

We expect that Darien will, with her usual thoroughness, explain the meaning of each proposition. While not strongly advocating for or against any of them, she will indicate her recommendation on each of them.

Also as usual, Darien will probably start her presentation with one or two of her songs.

You may email a request for Darien’s analysis at conjoin AT sonic DOT net.


Remaining 2018 Meeting Dates and Locations





Location and/or speaker or Hosts

October 21   Program Meeting
Ballot Propositions
  Reason Center (see top of page) *
Darien De Lu
November 18   Program Meeting   Reason Center (see top of page) *

* Room already booked



  HumanLight/Winter Solstice Celebration  

Reason Center (see top of page)

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