2008 Meetings

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Jan 4   Book Reviews (canceled because of power failure)
Jan 20   Lynn Medeiros, Gender Equality: Where do we go from here?
Feb 1   Book Reviews
Feb 17   Panel Discussion: Religion, Morality and Humanist Ethics
Mar 7   Susan Sackett, Humanism in Star Trek
Mar 23   Flying Spaghetti Monster Party
Apr 4   Hugh Gibbons, The Current Financial Crisis
Apr 20   Jerry Houseman, The Challenges Facing Public Education
May 2   Jack and Lois Trimpey, Rational Recovery
May 18   Yana Horton, The Human Disposition for Religiosity
Jun 6   Dr. Bahman “Buzz” Fozouni, The Situation in Iran
Sep 5   Beverly Church and Mynga Futrell, Educating New Generations of Humanists
Sep 21   Gretchen Bender, Proposition 8
Oct 3   General Discussion: Election Issues
Oct 19   Book Reviews
Nov 7   Discussion: Election Retrospective
Nov 23   Bob Schmidt, Molly Ivins
Dec 5   It’s Your Turn: Help Us Plan Our 2009 Meetings

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