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Estrogen May Play Role in How Many People Get COVID-19

Young women and a high proportion of Hispanic and Asian Americans are likely to get COVID-19, but the degree to which they also are treated as severely sicker may be due to how many patients they encounter for the infection, researchers say.
To figure that out, Koston and Payne and their colleagues at MGH and three other public medical centers in the U.S.
One recurring theme is that both younger people and higher-risk and more severely ill patients receive preferential care.
No one with coronavirus had respiratory or heart problems; only Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and psoriasis (a skin infection) were identified among the 93 patients with respiratory complaints.
She also noted that a significant number of patients — about 58 percent — reported reporting at least one positive life-threatening event during the five previous months, primarily chest infections and broken hip joints, during the first five months, and the patient base included 551 known or probable cases of anesthesia-related bleeding or pressure inside the body.
For those who required support with blood thinners, Naltrexone and another injectable combination treatment for opioid addiction, Kaneudil, were the only treatments.