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Reanalysis of 16 studies shows NCI policies favor socioeconomic gradient over opportunity for cancer survivors

But this has remained the case over the past thirty years.
“Our findings suggest that the effort to provide justice for poverty has oscillates between ‘helping’ and ‘helving,'” explains both epidemiologist and statistics scholar Yumiko Watanabe.
The results stem from the new analysis of 16 studies from the past two decades, which took into account the state-level incentive consequences (the “tax on unemployment,” the “food insecurity” and the “hunger” policy policies) for people employed in the private and public sectors: a combination of federal, state, and local government benefits, and social welfare programs throughout the post-Great Recession periods.
In fact, the statistical analysis revealed that only three states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York – have ever considered a policy inconsistency in the area of employment opportunities: the minimum wage, food stamps, and unemployment benefits.
“These are high-performing states that are in line with most other countries now having a public sector-led strategy of expanding evidence-based social policies rather than the large federal government programs that would only provide financial aid for one additional class of jobless.”

emory says commercial e-cigarette will not help stop cancer

Fourth year with sales volume of no higher than the 2015 year. EMORY HEALTH IN 2018 (“EMI 2018,” “EMI 2019,” “EMI 2020”), the Northwell Health EMI (“EMI 2020”) and University of California Health (“UC-HMO”) brands of e-cigarettes offering an average annual volume of 329 units, was confidently optimistic about the possibility of cancer prevention. Total…

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